SPES Project

SPES Project

The SPES Project is strongly targeted to help students to complete their education through sport programmes. It contributes towards promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles among young people and achieving EU 2020 target of reducing early school leaving.

Specific objectives of the project are: to share experiences in education through sport; to raise awareness on potential of sport and its positive effects for individual development, wellbeing, employability, empowerment and active participation in society life, especially for young people.

The partnership is composed by 5 partners from 4 Countries (UK, Italy, Spain and Romania): 2 sport clubs with specific experiences in promotion of sport and social inclusion and 3 sport-related organizations running specific programmes in education and sport, in cooperation with local schools.

The project will work with children and young students form 6 to 18 years old, in particular from disadvantaged groups: more than 500 girls and boys will be involved throughout the entire project.

Project will focus on transnational activities for exchanges of best practice, sharing ideas, developing innovative approaches: 2 training courses (in London and Milan) 2 study-visits (in Madrid and Baicoi) and the closing event in Newry (Northern Ireland). Sport events will also be organized in connection with the European School Sport Day (ESSD) in the framework of 2019 EWOS.

The project will “use sport to engage with young people to help them to learn and develop as individuals”; it will take traditional educational activities in classrooms and will place them on the football or rugby pitch; informal educational actions will ensure active engagement and participation of young students. Young participants will benefit from the project and, the project will create the conditions for strengthening EU cooperation between sport organisations and educational institutions for developing innovative approaches in education through sport.