Don’t just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from schools where we have run the Sport and Thought programme!

“Sport and thought has literally changed the lives of the students who have participated well in the programme. Boys who were at risk of permanent exclusion or becoming NEET have re-engaged in school and in many case are excelling and giving back to the school community. The original cohort have had no fixed term exclusions since the programme started and they are anxious but confident about their GCSEs. It is a pleasure to see the progress that these boys have made, not just academically, but as young men. They are role models and helped to sell the program to the next cohort.

The quality of the mentoring and the time and effort put in by those running the course is second to none. The positive working relationships that they have all developed over the last year are going to benefit these boys for years to come. The new cohort are looking just as positive and I look forward to seeing the full impact of the program on them.”

C Lazare AHT Pastoral – Alperton Community School

“Sport and thought has been running at our school for the last two years. It has had a great impact on the confidence of our young ladies. Commitment and attendance has been strong which is a clear indicator of the girls enjoyment and the value of the program. A number of students have gone on to have wonderful work experience opportunities through the club and their links. This has further developed the students confidence and commitment, which in turn impacts on their whole school life.”

D Mason – Fulham Cross Girls School

“I have worked with Sport and Thought for almost five years. In this period there has been a profound transformation in the behaviour and attitude of the students at NCC. I am pleased to report that Sport and Thought has played a major role in that transformation.

Sport and Thought work with our most challenging students. They use football to develop the softer skills so vital in the modern world. Thus we have seen a marked improvement in the patience, resilience, teamwork and attitude of the students involved in the project. This has been reflected in the attendance, behaviour and academic performance of the cohort.

I have worked in London schools for almost 30 years and have experienced a wide range of intervention programmes in that time. In my opinion Sport and Thought is the most effective I have come across. The combination of sport, psychodynamic techniques and follow up mentoring has improved the life chances of young men in this part of London.

As a result I can recommend them without reservation.”

Mr. D. Coyle Head Teacher – Newman Catholic College.